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Vatika Bay Maritime Landscape

By Guest Observer August 1, 2019

The Vatika Bay Maritime Landscape at the southern end of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece exemplifies the interconnection between cultural and natural resources and different approaches to their conservation. As a marine ecosystem, the bay supports numerous endangered and exotic plant and animal species. As the crossroad of both ancient and modern of Mediterranean navigation, it has many underwater archeological remains. This article highlights the differing preservation strategies and outcomes for these interrelated resources.

World Rural Landscapes: A Worldwide Initiative for Global Conservation and Management

By Guest Observer July 5, 2019

What are the best ways to identify and conserve rural landscapes? Since 2012, participants at a series of international meetings have sought to answer this complex question, in part through the development of a new set of shared general principles. The initiative is being lead by the International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes (ISCCL). The […]

The Green River Drift: Transhumance in the America West

By Guest Observer June 30, 2019

Transhumance – the practice of seasonally moving livestock from winter pastures in the lowlands to summer grazing in the mountains – is an ancient intangible and cultural tradition practiced all over the world. The term usually invokes quaint and idyllic images of sheepherders in the European Alps or Pyrenees Mountains and not Wyoming cowboys. Read how the Upper Green River Cattle Association has kept this tradition alive in the United States.

A National Network for the Labor Movement

By Eleanor Mahoney May 30, 2019

The story of organized labor in the United States is complex, powerful, inspiring, and infuriating. Millions of workers took collective action, often at risk of bodily harm or death, to better their lives and the lives of their peers. As a consequence of their bold efforts, regulations regarding work place safety, wages, hours, and overtime, […]

Perpetual Easements as Historic Events

By Guest Observer May 29, 2019

When does the act of conservation itself become historic? Should the establishment of a permanent easement automatically render farmland as potentially eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places? Read more about how these ideas could affect the the landscape of historic properties within agricultural communities.