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While we were not watching…

By Brenda Barrett April 1, 2020

Understandably attention has been riveted on the spread of the Corona virus. And as is often the case, the controversy over the current administration’s management of visitation to the United States’ National Parks has taken center stage. However, while these decisions have conservation downsides, there are much bigger ongoing efforts to dismantle a host of well-established conservation programs that are still moving forward.

Washington Watch

By Living Landscape Observer February 27, 2020

Updates on the President’s 2021 budget, changes to the National Environmental Policy Act, and staffing vacancies at the National Park Service.

Pennsylvania’s Conservation Landscapes: A Story of Success

By Brenda Barrett February 26, 2020

Pennsylvania’s Conservation Landscapes program was launched more than a decade ago to connect people to the Commonwealth’s rich heritage of parks and forests. Today with seven designated Conservation Landscapes, it is a model of landscape scale resource management.

Flagging Sites of Universal Value

By Brenda Barrett January 27, 2020

An Iranian architect and artist has proposed a conceptual initiative to highlight the risk to world heritage sites in Iran and to flag the importance of these irreplaceable buildings and landscapes in a time of heightened world conflict. As it turns out, it is not a completely new idea.

Conservation and Controversy: Agricultural Landscapes of Marin County CA

By Brenda Barrett January 26, 2020

The San Francisco Bay region is world renowned for its vibrant food culture, nurtured in part by the characteristics of its terrain. The story of how part of this region, Marin County, was conserved and how the same landscape has set off a long running controversy about the role of public lands raises important questions about preserved places and living landscapes. So far this is a tale without an ending. Read more.