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Exploring the Landscapes of the Caribbean

By Guest Observer August 28, 2020

Palm trees, turquoise water and beaches are the idyllic images of the Caribbean promoted in TV. A wilder Caribbean landscape of nature reserves is familiar to eco-tourists Yet the perceptions of many of the region’s residents do not mesh easily with either of these landscapes. The challenge has been how to identify the significance of a larger sense of place for the local community, for the people who live there, not the images constructed for tourists. Read about some innovative ideas.

This Land is My Land: Rebellion in the West

By Living Landscape Observer August 17, 2020

Learn about a new book, “This Land is My Land: Rebellion in the West,” which traces conservative rebellions against federal land authority over the last forty years. How have public lands disputes evolved to encompass questions over the legitimacy of government action itself?

Forum on Public Lands in Utah and the United States West

By Eleanor Mahoney August 4, 2020

Watch a forum with eight scholars discussing how the meaning, use, and management of public lands has changed over time and jointly reflecting on what the future might hold.

Wild Horses on Public Lands

By Jane Lennon August 3, 2020

The USA and Australia share a common problem with wild horses causing environmental damage to conservation areas in large landscapes – both public lands reserved as national parks and rangelands. Mustangs and brumbies, the name for their counterparts in Australia, while often seen as an iconic symbol of the open landscape, are a daunting problem for land managers.

Naturecultures Dialogue: Connecting Practice

Since 2013, ICOMOS and IUCN have been conducting ‘Connecting Practice’ – a joint project aimed at developing new methods and conservation strategies that recognize and sustain the interconnected character of the natural, cultural, and social values of World Heritage sites.