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To provide observations and information on the emerging fields of landscape scale conservation, heritage preservation, and sustainable community development.

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Get Involved

The Living Landscape Observer offers commentary and information on landscape scale conservation, heritage preservation, and sustainable community development.

The goal of the Observer is to be at the crossroads of these emerging fields, reporting on the individuals, organizations and communities who are working to preserve a sense of place in large lived-in landscapes. This site and our newsletter will cover the latest in large landscape practice, feature places and projects, draw attention to people and politics, and provide opinionated observations.

The value of the Living Landscape Observer is in how well it meets the need of you who are working on the ground and in a place. You have the expertise and we want to hear from you. Contact Us.

Here are at least five ways you can become involved:

  1. Subscribe to the Living Landscape Observer Newsletter and have the latest observations delivered to your email doorstep.
  2. Forward information of interest to colleagues and friends.
  3. Comment on our postings, we need your feedback.
  4. Send in your news, features and events.
  5. Become an Occasional Observer and help grow the movement.

The Living Landscape Observer also welcomes contributions to the Research and Writing section of the web site. Please send us your ideas on articles, publications, and research that are important in the emerging field of large landscape conservation. Contact Us.