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George Wright Conference Highlights Large, Living Landscapes

By Eleanor Mahoney March 30, 2015

Writers and contributors from the Living Landscape Observer will be participating and presenting in a variety of sessions at the 2015 George Wright Conference that begins today (March 30) in Oakland, CA and runs through the end of the week.

In the Face of Destruction: World Heritage Matters

By Brenda Barrett March 29, 2015
Credit: wikipedia

What can be done about the ongoing destruction of World Heritage Sites in regions currently suffering through civil war and other devastating conflicts? Are there any steps to be taken when heritage becomes a tactic of war?

The Next Generation: Making the Link between Historic Preservation and Sustainability

By Guest Observer March 27, 2015
Credit: Katie Rispoli

In this guest piece, Katie Rispoli, a 2015 Preservation Advocacy Scholar, makes a compelling case for thinking about the ways in which historic preservation qualifies as a conservation strategy – both in terms of the natural environment and the cultural heritage of a particular community.

Labor History Makes Headway in NPS

By Eleanor Mahoney February 26, 2015
Pullman strikers in Chicago. The Illinois National Guard is visible protecting the building.

Roughly a week ago, President Obama designated Pullman (IL) a National Monument under the Antiquities Act. The community is home to rich histories, which shaped both the labor and civil rights movements. Yet, it remains one of only a handful of NPS units that examine industrial work and collective action on the part of labor to any significant degree.

Large Landscape Conservation Conference: Read all about it!

By Brenda Barrett February 25, 2015
Credit: Harvey Locke

Just out is “Expanding Horizons,” a report on the highlights of the National Workshop on Large Landscape Conservation (October 23-24, 2014). It includes information on pressing issues discussed at the conference including: ecosystem services, cultural heritage preservation, conservation in metropolitan regions and, of course, the overarching issue of climate change.