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Capturing a diverse assortment of projects, programs and events that relate to the field of living landscape conservation from a variety of sources and perspectives.

Latest News and Information from September 2017

New England Forests

New England has been losing forestland to development at a rate of 65 acres per day, according to a new report released today by the Harvard Forest, a research institute of Harvard University, and a team of authors from across the region. Public funding for land protection has also been steadily declining in all six New England states and is now half what it was at its 2008 peak; with land conservation trends following suit.

Overcrowding in Parks

While this is not exactly news, a recent article in the New York Times vividly illustrates the challenge of overcrowding and is a good companion piece to the Edward Abbey story above.

The International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples 

The International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples has called for support and legal protection for biocultural heritage landscapes and community conserved areas following an event in Peru. Part of the inspiration for this event and the development of the Potato Park Declaration has been the success of recognizing this special landscape. The Declaration calls on governments to support efforts by indigenous mountain communities to protect their rich biodiversity and ecosystems, as well as their spiritual heritage and cultural identities, for food security, climate change adaptation and local economic development.