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Worlds End Celebrates 50th Anniversary

By Eleanor Mahoney August 30, 2017
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2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the acquisition of the World’s End property in Hingham, Massachusetts, by the nonprofit Trustees of Reservations. World’s End is one of more than 100 properties managed by the Trustees, an organization that dates to the late 19th century. Read more.

Filling Mines with Fish: Rebranding the Mesabi Range as a Recreational Landscape

Greenway Pit-Lake

Post-mining landscapes often lie. What we see on the landscape today does not necessarily reflect the history in which that landscape was shaped. In this piece, guest observer John Baeten explores the complex story of Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range, tracing the effects of heritage tourism and environmental reclamation on a region long known as a center of extractive industry

Nature and Culture: The Journey Continues

By Brenda Barrett August 29, 2017
The voyaging canoe Hokulea'a
Credit: Polynesian Voyaging Society and ʻŌiwi TV.

In the conservation world the two faces of nature and culture have become more of a dichotomy than a duality. And yet there is growing recognition that only by taking a more holistic approach can the field address the most urgent issues facing our planet – climate change, urbanization, and the transformations wrought by globalization.Selected reports concerning this nature-culture dialogue are now available in the most recent issue of the George Wright Journal titled “Nature – Culture Journeys: Explorations on Shared Terrain”, the journal shares best practices, insights and examples, as well as personal reflections of the intersections between these two fields.

Energy and Natural Resources Bill Introduced in Senate

By Eleanor Mahoney July 28, 2017
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At close to 900 pages, Senate Bill 1460 is far from light reading. Introduced by Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA), the legislation covers a huge number of topics ranging from infrastructure to federal lands management to energy efficiency and more. It is a rare bi-partisan effort that builds on the Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015, which passed the Senate before falling short of votes in a conference with the House.

Culture and Nature: Thoughts on the English Lake District

Drystone wall Lake District National Park
Credit: Brenda Barrett

At every level, conservation practioners labor to understand and balance natural and cultural values at a landscape scale. Globally, this challenge plays out in the push and pull of the World Heritage inscription process. The recent (July 2017) inscription by the World Heritage Committee of the English Lake District highlights some of the challenges and opportunities of attempting to integrate cultural and natural values. There is no question this is a celebrated and iconic landscape, but there have been bumps along the way to gaining World Heritage recognition.