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The Role of Storytelling in Landscape Conservation

By Brenda Barrett August 31, 2020

The idea of using cultural objects or site-specific historic places as a way convey a story is customary practice in heritage interpretation. However, storytelling on a landscape scale is less common. Heritage areas and the United States National Heritage Area (NHA) program in particular have demonstrated the power of this approach to build partnerships and unify a region. More recently the movement to conserve landscapes at scale has recognized the significance of storytelling to connect people to the resource. More challenging is telling the less visible stories.

Naturecultrues Dialogue: Rural Landscapes and Integrated Management

By Brenda Barrett August 30, 2020

This NatureCultures dialogue explores rural landscapes where nature and culture intersect in myriad ways. These places have much to teach us about taking integrative approaches to conservation that bring together diverse values, disciplines and aims. Spanning a vast area of the planet’s surface, these landscapes and waterscapes serve as the foundation of economic livelihoods and food security worldwide, while encompassing an array of tangible and intangible cultural heritage values that are interlinked with natural values such as biodiversity, agrobiodiversity and ecosystem services.