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While We Were Not Watching, Part II

By Living Landscape Observer May 17, 2020
Pueblo Bonito

Across the world, daily life has been completely upended. Millions and millions of individuals are living under quarantine, limiting social interaction whenever possible. Unemployment has reached levels not seen since the Great Depression. And yet, despite such unprecedented conditions, the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) is continuing to make significant decisions on land use […]

The Impact of the Pandemic on Agricultural Landscapes

By Brenda Barrett May 13, 2020

Everyone agrees that world will look very different after the current crisis. One change that should have been foreseen, but was not widely predicted was the impact on agriculture. The underlying structural problems facing the farming community worldwide were well known, but under appreciated.
Threats such as an aging farmer population, critical labor shortages, global market forces, urbanization, and a changing climate have made this sector vulnerable.